Beginner Sewing – Kids


September/October/November 2022, every second Tuesday and Thursday from 4:15-5:45pm: 

for all dates see here

09/20 and 09/22, 10/04 and 10/06, 10/18 and 10/20, 11/01 and 11/03

During these eight sessions of 1.5 hours students will have a first introduction to the sewing machine and sewing basic. Students will learn and have fun, experiencing the joy of and pride in using their own hands to create something beautiful and meaningful. Through constructing a simple and cute skirt or pair of shorts, students will learn the basics involved in sewing with a machine and a door into the wonderful world of colors, fabrics and creativity will have opened for them. Beware, don’t expect the class to be too easy! It takes time and patience, but at the same time it will be very rewarding

If you are registering is 5 or more people, please use the discounted price. This might also be a nice gift for your child or a group of friends!

Buy either a cute, simple cotton fabric (the ones that are sold for quilts all work well) or choose and buy it from the studio once you registered for the class. Please bring the piece of fabric washed, dried and ironed to your first day of class!

Teacher: Heidi Mariam Fitzgerald Meet your Teacher! Level: Beginner Appropriate for ages: 8 - 12 Number of Participants: Maximum number of students for this class is usually 7. COVID: No masks required! Discounts: A discount is offered to groups numbering 5 and above. All class fees are non-refundable. Please make sure the dates work for you before signing up. Information and Cancellation Policy



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