Chupa Dress


Chupa Dress

Inspired by the Tibetan Chupa, which was originally a long, warm, wrap-around coat. This dress is a wraparound which allows it to fit several sizes. Depending on fabric choices it can be worn by the working woman, who likes a combination of femininity with formality and timeless elegance, or for daytime or evening occasions.

Delicate wash or Dry Clean Only

Prices vary depending on the choice of material between $219.00-$349.00

Size:          European 38/40          US 8/9/10

Materials: Cotton

Readymade: not available

For more and different fabric selections, please see below, or click this link: Available Fabrics

If you are in town, please feel free set up an appointment with Lotus Studio, to stop by and look at our fabric selection or bring your preferred material with you.


       Green/Turquois 100% Silk Ikat                    Green/Turquois 100% Silk Ikat                 Blue Charmeuse 100% Silk      

Blue Silk Charmeuse

       Blue Charmeuse 100% Silk

Blue Silk Charmeuse


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