Linen Culottes


Skirt pants

These elegant but comfortable culottes, with pockets on both sides were designed for the feminine working woman but can also be worn for formal occasions or the more elegant everyday wear. Combine them with blouse to dress-up or simple shirt to dress-down.

Prices vary depending on the choice of material between $199.00-$249.00

Size:      European: 36/38/40                 US: 8/10/12

Materials:  Cotton, Wool, Silk, Linen

For more and different fabric selections, please see below, or click this link: Available Fabrics

If you are in town, please feel free set up an appointment with Lotus Studio, to stop by and look at our fabric selection or bring your preferred material with you.

For custom orders make an appointment for a fitting for these wide legged pants. If you prefer to use your own material, you will need 2.5 yards of a medium to heavy-weight material.


     Ochre Corduroy 100% Cotton                 Indigo/blue Corduroy 100% Cotton               Ochre Herringbone 100% Cotton         

 Redish/brown Corduroy 100% Cotton 

I look forward to meeting you!

-Mariam Fitzgerald



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