Sarah Magalhaes

Dancing 101

Sarah Magalhães is a performing artist and researcher in Indology. In 2008 she settles down in India where she lived for eleven years following the traditional Paramparam teachings of Indian classical dance with the renowned Bharat Natyam exponent Dr. Sucheta Chapekar in Pune.

Searching for the roots of this art form, she studies Indian philosophy and aesthetics. She has completed a diploma in Nritya Shastra at Nalanda Dance Research Centre in Mumbai and a master’s in philosophy at Pune University. With this background, she developed a method of approaching traditional art, exploring its cultural expressions and philosophical thoughts through the medium of Indian classical dance. She has performed and conducted several workshops in Brazil, India and France.

She is currently a research scholar at Bhandarkar Oriental Research Institute in Pune working on her thesis: “The Sacred Dance of Ancient India and its relevance to Hindu Iconography”.